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"Mudwings Canada was formed in 2023 to bring the wonderful world of theater and performing arts to the young people of Canada and the globe. Our after-school drama and theater-based programs, holiday programs, and specialized programs aim to provide children ages 3 to 18 a fun-filled learning environment where those involved not only learn about drama and theater but also develop greater self-confidence and an enhanced ability to work with others. Members are encouraged to work positively with their peers, respect each other’s ideas and learn from each other’s experiences. With qualified, experienced leaders and unrivaled resources, Mudwings Canada offers the best activities in drama and theatrical Theatre and Creative Writing, specialized programs, and an extensive array of theatrical productions, students learn in a fun-filled environment where they will be developing their performance skills, theatre knowledge, teamwork, leadership skills, individual expression, and confidence. Secondary Mudwings Canada has an active program for Our secondary workshops that aim to focus students on certain skills or themes to help them develop their theatre craft. All workshops contain elements of performance and rehearsal and aim to bring together the students as a theatre company. We offer one-off or a series of workshops on a wide range of topics and themes allowing teachers to choose as to whether they’d like us for a day or a term! Some example workshops are as follows. INTERIM, CHALLENGE & FOCUS WEEKS: During this tailored week, students come together as a team to create their own theatre company, thinking about why they’re performing and who their audience is. From this information, the groups then work to create a performance that’s suitable for their desired audience of parents, friends, or younger schools/years. From here the students work on performance skills such as voice and movement, learn how to block scenes, and rehearse together. Through continued support and constructive criticism from their peers, the students develop their performance and have the opportunity to experience the magic of performance. STAGE COMBAT Want to know the safe ways of showing fights in performance? This workshop introduces the basics of unarmed stage fighting. During the workshops, students are led through a variety of punches, kicks, and other strikes, as well as learning safe reactions and falls. Students have plenty of time to practice these moves and build them into their stage fights. From tavern brawls to supernatural quests, all genres are covered. Each group learns the golden rules of stage fighting, combining safety with the ability to generate a convincing and safe stage fight. SHAKESPEARE, BUT NOT AS YOU KNOW IT! Shakespeare isn’t all about complicated language and dusty books. The themes in Shakespeare’s works are just as relevant today as they were in Shakespearean times. Together the students will work to create their contemporary version of a Shakespeare classic, combining their performance skills with some creative thinking to make fantastic and suitable pieces of theatre to perform to their peers, friends, family, or younger audiences. In addition to various drama workshops, we can also bring a performance to your school with optional supporting workshops. See our Touring Theatre page for more information. To book a workshop or for more information email us at

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